Please note: The diagram shows IC3 as AD828AN. This is the DIL version. It should actually be the AD828ARZ which is the SMD version.
The Farnell part number in the bill of materials is however correct and the pin numbers are identical.
The CQTV DigiLite MPEG2 Encoder and Modulator Single Board v5.6, v5.7


Page 6Page 2HARDWARE 1/6

Parts are available from Farnell and RS. In the U.S. DigiKey, Mouser and Newark.
Details and part numbers for special components are in the parts list and on my STORE page.
Resistors are 1206 SMD 1%.
The MMIC MAR-6 can be obtained from GH Engineering, Mainline Electronics and RS amongst others.The GALI84+ has better power output than the MAR6 and will fit OK.


If you have completed your build and are having problems getting your DL running, take a look at the help at MENU/OTHER/CORRECTIONS&HELP or ask at the BATC Forum.
Version 5.6 board

Several suitable amplifier/driver kits to get the rf level up to that required(eg:1mW to 500mW) to run a single RA18H PA are available from RFBasicStore or MiniKits.or w6pql.Also PE1RKI in Holland has pcbs and kits and assembled PAs.
More will be added as we discover them.The MiniKits 1W board/kit is fine for most purposes.

Hardware Build Checklist:
A reasonably fast (1.8Ghz+) Windows XP,7,8 computer with USB2 ports.
A WINTV PVR PCI card with hardware MPEG2 encoder for your PC.
A DigiLite Board.
A FT2232H sub-panel for the serialiser.
A good quality Local Oscillator running at the required final frequency e.g. 1249Mhz.
A small tipped soldering iron with fine gauge solder.
Bench magnifier and lamp.



Version 5.8 pcb


  C13/16 L1/L3 C14/17 L2/L4 C15/18
4Ms/s 330pF 5.6uH 1.2nF 6.8uH 330pF
2Ms/s 560pF 12uH 2.2nF 15uH 560pF
1Ms/s 1.2nF 33uH 3.9nF 27uH 1.2nF
Thanks to Colin G4KLB for building & checking this version.

Version 5.9 pcb (current)

Wire-ended inductors are now replaced with SMD inductors for the Nyquist Filter.
6 way header for plugging in an optional sub-board with different filter values to suit requirements. (Provision for fixed values to be used on main board instead if preferred).
The modulator IC has a ground solder plane to enable the 70cm device with its ground tab to be fitted. 



Version 5.7

Underside view version 5.9

NEW ! Nyquist Plug-in Filter Board (use with version 5.9 up only).

LATEST: A new design of the Filter board is currently being manufactured. If you plan to use a plug-in filter board please choose the 6 way header/housing with care. I will be recommending a suitable connector combination in the parts list with the circuit and pcb.

If you wish to make your own single sided board , here is a suggested layout. The layout is not critical so other methods of construction could be employed. Actual pcb size is 18mm x 22.5mm. No mounting is required as the connector plug will support it. A right-angle plug could be used to allow the board to lay horizontally. Do not fit the filter components onto the main pcb if you wish to use this subpanel instead.

Filter sub-panel circuit



The original parts list was created 4 years ago. I have now updated the part numbers and checked availability. With thanks to G3KTU for his assistance.
The new version is now available for download from Cloud store site.
Latest update 21/5/2016











Version 5.9














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