VERSION 2. Jan 2014

Please update your copy to this version to correct an error on the number 4 wav file. Use Add/remove programs to uninstall version 1 first, version 2 will use your existing preset DATA file, just download and replace the DTMF2 program itself.




Ensure the DTMF2data folder is on the same hard drive as DTMF2Program and not inside another folder.
e.g. use C:DTMF2data

DTMF2 Data
last updated Nov 2013.

DTMF2 v2 download.
last updated Jan 2014.

Files are compressed in WinZip format.

UnZip to main C: drive.
Run setup.exe inside DTMF2v2 folder to install.


A Freeware* DTMF encoder by G8AJN


Originally intended for those ATV amateurs who regularly access repeaters that use DTMF codes to control various functions and options. DTMF2 permits 16 user-defined preset functions as well as keypad direct entry tones.
Under poor signal conditions it is useful to be able to slow the speed of the tones to enable the receiving decoder, this is accomplished by a slider control.
The window can resize to give either a small keypad only, or keypad with presets.
Data is held in easily modified text files in a small folder on your computer hard drive, these files can be changed with an editor such as Notepad to enter or change menu data .Several new features have been included,adjustable loop playback, quick play Presets, file load into Presets. Full details in the HELP page/pdf download.



< Minimised option.









< Maximised option..


Installation: Click the underlined file : DTMF2 Program in the mauve box to begin download.
(Files are stored on a Cloud host to reduce site bandwidth. Click the green button top right of cloud page to download files).
Unzip the files into your C: drive (or whatever letter has your Windows installed). The DTMF2data file must be in the main drive directory not in another folder .i.e. C:DTMF2data (not C:/ProgramFiles/DTMF2data)

The DTMF2 program folder can be in another folder but must be on the same drive as your operating system e.g .C:Program Files/DTMF2
Once on your drive open the DTMF2 folder and run the setup.exe file.

If you do not have the .NET software on your computer already you will be prompted to download it (free) . If you have programmed the IC for the DigiLite you will already have it installed.

Once installed you can run the program which will appear in your All Programs list . Initially the program will appear in a folder called 'HOME'. Rename it (e.g.DTMFv2) and drag it to the desktop or taskbar etc.Highlight it and right-click to create an icon or drag to the QuickStart Bar.

All the main data files are stored in a separate folder (must be named 'DTMF2data') so you can change favourites MENU list and alter other preference settings manually with any text editor such as Notepad. By clicking the SIZE button the display can be reduced to a small keypad that can be moved to anywhere on the screen to improve useability. Click again to re-size.

If you get an error message when you run DTMF2 for the first time it may mean that you have not correctly separated and placed the DTMF2Data folder . It must be visible on the main C: drive and not inside another folder.

* Freeware means that you are able to use the software provided you do not charge others in any way for its use, and no changes to the software are made. If you have ideas for improvements please tell me and it can then be made available for the benefit of all users.

You may freely download and use it but if there are any specific problems or improvements I ask you to let me know with as much detail of the problem encountered as possible to this email address .......