20 chars x 2 or 4 rows

There are a number of LCD displays on the market , often using a negative display format such as a white on black. Check the data sheet for the display and if the pin 15 is described as Vee or -ve then this is an output pin supplying -5v that should connect to the bottom of the 10k contrast pot (instead of GND) with the top end going to 1k to +5v line. Slider going to pin 3 as usual.
Some versions use the original HD chipset others use the ST7066U which can require alternative code to enable the display. More details to follow.

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20 character White text on Blue background LCD display connections. MC2002 etc

Connections to the standard alpha-numeric LCD display 2 rows x 16 or 2 rows x 20 chars. Please note that there are some 3v versions on sale.

Pin 3 can go to the slider of a 10k pot between +5 and GND but with 220 ohm minimum from pin 3 to +5 or slider or you may damage the display chip.

Tie pin 5 to GND.  the unused data pins e.g. 7,8,9,10 can be grounded but not important to do so.

Other similar displays appear to use the same numbering but contacts may be vertically aligned.

No backlight: pins 15 should have +5 and pin 16 should be GND.
Only white blocks showing, problem with data pins 7,8,9,10 or 11,12,13,14.
Characters displayed but incorrect fonts(e.g.Chinese) one or two data lines transposed or o/c.

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